Adderall and Alcohol

Adderall is powerful stimulant and even those who do not suffer from ADHD or Narcolepsy use it as performance enhancers. But Adderall’s campus popularity is not used only academically.

Adderall is often used as the ‘party drug’. It is mixed with cocktails to make a party mix by people who are completely unaware of how dangerous such mixes can be. It might be considered safer than cocaine but alcohol and Adderall is a deadly combination.

It might give enough energy and stimulant to party beyond normal hours and fight the lows from too much alcohol intake, but in the long run these ephemeral benefits can have fatal results. Adderall abuse stems from the desire to push the brain and the body to be active and energized beyond normal limits.

But while these are great benefits for those suffering from ADHD or ADD, it can be fatal for those who have no physical disorder and are simply using it for fun. For ADHD patients, Adderall improves retention power and concentration by increasing the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine release.

For patients who have used Ritalin before for ADHD or Narcolepsy and suffered from negative effects are usually advised by their doctors to shift to Adderall. The dangers of mixing Adderall with alcohol cannot be stressed enough.

It may temporarily give a feeling of high combating the depression that prolonged intake of alcohol causes. But long term intake of this drug cocktail leads to several physical and psychological hazards. Users often tend to ignore the early warning signals like nausea, headaches, heart flutters and convulsions, numb limbs or weight loss. But beside the symptoms severe physical harm maybe brewing.

This danger combo can also lead to negative mental states like depression, anxiety or even paranoia leading to severe psycho-somatic disorders. Such chronic cases need urgent medical supervision. So though it may feel like great fun in the beginning, mixing Adderall and alcohol can only lead to disaster.

What could be the dangers of Adderall and alcohol mix?

Well, since Adderall is basically a stimulant it tells our brain to remain active and focused for a longer time. For patients suffering from ADHD and ADD this is a good thing. In their case Adderall helps them to retain and focus better than they normally can.

But those who do not suffer from these disorders and are taking Adderall for fun, are allowing danger signals to go their brains. In their case, Adderall is doing the same job but with fatal results. Their established normal levels are pushed beyond their normal limits causing the system to go haywire.

So the more you drink and party, more harm you are causing to your own body. Anything in excess is bad. And if alcohol wasn’t enough, mixing a stimulant to it is sure to add to the damage. The body can only take as much and excessive intake of Adderall and alcohol can act as poison to the system. Adderall should always be taken under advisement.

Not only does your doctor know better about what would suit your case best, he or she will also instruct you about the benefits and side-effects of the drug clearly. Taking Adderall on your own could be harmful.

Errors in Aderall dosage can lead to extreme paranoia or depression, anxiety attacks and palpitations, lack of appetite and loss of weight, fevers and chills. Overdose of alcohol is abusing your system badly. And when you add Adderall to it then you are not just abusing your system but killing it. We only have one lifetime to enjoy, it is not worth it to ruin it for transient fun.

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