Addiction and Abuse

Addiction and Abuse
If you are taking in Adderall in higher dosage than what is prescribed by your doctor, you are probably not aware of its overdose effects. High doses can result into extreme fevers and chills, irregular flutters in your heart leading to seizures and failures. Long term Adderall abuse could be fatal.

Adderall Abuse – An Overview

Medicines are meant to heal and help. But when abused, these medicines could cause for serious disorders sometimes with fatal consequences. Research shows that about 15 million US citizens abused regular medicines for non-medical reasons in the year 2003.

Thankfully, these studies have also reflected that most the larger percentage of Americans are not into drug abuse and use their prescription drugs more responsibly. To know more about Adderall you can simply click online and do a little research before you start your intake. Adderall is made with amphetamine and dextroamphetamine and is the number one prescribed drug to treat narcolepsy and ADHD patients.

The extended release version of the drug is known as Adderall XR. The amphetamine drug acts as a stimulant, which helps ADHD patients to focus and concentrate better. But for those using it for non-medical reasons this same stimulant can be addictive as beanies and uppers. While it gives a temporary high, long term abuse could be physically and psychologically dangerous.

Why Adderall Abuse Occurs

The reasons for Adderall abuse are many. The most common one is that it can give an instant feeling of high. The stimulating qualities in the drug energizes the user, enhances the attention and alertness qualities. Along with it also increases the heartbeat, blood pressure and palpitations.

But these are easily ignored by the young who use it to perform better at school and exams without thinking of the side-effects. The other common reason for Adderall abuse is to lose weight easily. While weight loss is a common side effect of this drug, it is not meant to be taken solely for that reason.

How Adderall Abuse Occurs

Adderall abuse occurs in many ways. Most take it orally but there are also many instances when the users smoke, snort or inject Adderall into their system for enhanced ‘highs’. It is a common prescription drug and is not difficult to obtain illegally. It can be bought through the illegal dealers or even off the Internet.

Stimulants and Their Abuse – History

Addiction is an age-old word and no one is unfamiliar with it. History gives us ample examples. Stimulants were frequently used for many ailments like neurological problems, asthma, obesity among others in early days. These showed good results but unfortunately as the abuse potential of these stimulants became common doctors began to shy away from randomly prescribing them.

These days only certain serious health problems are treated with stimulants like Adderall like severe depression, ADHD, ADD and Narcolepsy. In very few instances they are prescribed for short-term usage for asthma or obesity.

Most people who take in stimulants as medication for ADHD do so under strict prescriptive guidelines and for them it works wonders. But for those who go beyond the normal dosage it can become dangerously and at times fatally addictive. The neurotransmitters in the brain are called monoamines which combines norepinephrine and dopamine.

Stimulants which consist of dextroamphetamine and methylphenidate are chemically integrated to increase the monoamines in the brain. This leads to alertness and better concentration for ADHD sufferers but also leads to increased heart rate and blood pressure, higher levels of blood sugar in the body and breathing trouble. So the euphoric high that can be so much fun can last only till your body caves in from the abuse.